What is the bibliography?

The CLS bibliography is a searchable database of over 5,000 publications based on data from the 1958, 1970 and Millennium birth cohort studies, and more recently the Next Steps cohort study.   It's a useful resource for finding out what's already been published on certain subjects, and for building reading lists for literature reviews and courses.

CLS relies on researchers to let us know when they have published research using the cohort datasets. If you have a publication to contribute to the bibliography, please contact us at

Tips for searching

The database is searchable by year, study (NCDS, BCS70, MCS or Next Steps), author and journal title. You can also search by keywords or phrases in the title or abstract. If your search contains a hyphen or a dash, try a shorter version of it that misses out that character.

Note: CLS is currently updating the bibliography with publications based on Next Steps data, starting with 2015-2018 publications and working backwards. We will keep this note updated with progress.

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